Sound Absorption
Sound absorption

An agent absorbs sound waves
Ability to:
absorb any sound waves with one's body
Company Agent

Ida Cassidy

Daphne Bishop

Sound absorption is the ability to absorb sound waves and sonic energy into one's body.


  • A Company agent has this ability.
  • Mrs. Cassidy had this ability too.
  • Daphne Bishop will also have this ability naturally.


Company Agent

The agent was shown using this ability to absorb all types of sound energy. He could not control his ability since it was passive, and he couldn't pass it onto other people either. It meant that abilities based on sound were ineffective against him, as seen by his immunity to a sonic scream.

Ida Cassidy

Mrs. Cassidy was able to absorb sonic energy and then exert it out from her body, strongly enough to push past anything in her way, both from in front and behind her. Her ability was identified when her son found a Company file containing information about her.

Daphne Bishop

Daphne will be able to activate this ability at will, and when she does she will absorb all sonic energy. She would then be immune to all sound-based abilities, and would be able to quieten or even mute all sounds. She will also be able to pass the immunity onto others, but only temporarily.

Similar Abilities

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