Sound Conversion
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Michael converts sound energy into fire
Ability to:
convert sonic energy into other forms of energy

Sound conversion is the ability to absorb sonic energy and convert it into other types of energy.



Michael Cassidy

Michael has shown that he can absorb sonic energy with ease and can absorb all the sound within a room. His body is able to change the sound so that he can release it out in different types of energy. He doesn't seem to be able to live off this energy or use it to heal himself or recover. However, he has shown that he can exert the sonic energy out in its original form, propelling a powerful sonic blast from his hand or his mouth. It is powerful enough to throw a person across a room. He can also use it to create light, emitting it from his body or forming balls or blasts of light, which seem to have a burning effect on the object it hits. This part of his ability seems to have tied in with his emotions, as he has been able to illuminate himself without knowing, and he seems to glow yellow and bright when happy or in a positive mood, and glows red when in anger or in a negative mood. His weakest performance seems to be using sonic energy to give himself telekinesis, and moving small objects. He can also create fire, but currently only when frustrated. His hands begin to glow and flame up, and his hands and arms can actually turn into fire as well. Finally, he can also form sparks of electricity from his hands and fingertips. This is another hard task for Michael to perform.

Adair O'Brien

Similarly to Michael, Adair is also able to absorb all of the sonic energy within a room, and reflexively absorbs any sonic energy which is used offensively against him. The range of his absorption will extend as he ages, and by the end he too will be able to absorb all of the sound from a room. He can reproduce the sonic energy as a powerful sonic blast emitted from his mouth, or convert it into various other forms. He is able to convert the energy into kinetic blasts, fire and electricity.

Jessica Sky Petrelli

Since Jess absorbed the ability from Michael, she ought to have similar limits to her uncle. However, she is yet to display it.

Peter Petrelli

Peter too would have similar limits to Michael, but is also yet to display it.

Robert Max

Robert also would have similar limits to Michael.

Similar Abilities

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