Spirit Location
Clairvoyance 4

Locating a spirit
Ability to:
locate any spirit, whether living or dead

Spirit location is the ability to detect the whereabouts of any spirit, living or dead.



This ability can be used a little like clairvoyance, sensing the location of any individual, by sensing their spirit. However, it can also sense the location of the dead, and locate individuals who are using abilities like astral projection, free spirit or spirit projection.

Similar Abilities

  • Clairvoyance can be used to locate any known living individual
  • Trailing is the ability to sense past locations, and use these to infer a current location
  • Precognitive instincts can bring someone to the location of another when combined with teleporting.
  • Sensing can also sense a location
  • Flashing can sometimes give a present location when flashed from a photo
  • Information production can be used to gain a location by asking where someone is
  • Spirit summoning is the ability to summon the dead in the form of spirits
  • Location detection is the ability to detect the location of people, places and objects
  • Astral trailing is the ability to project one's astral body to the past, in order to see where and when an individial was

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