Spirit Projection
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Projecting out of her body
Ability to:
project one's mind and spirit out of one's body, and then travel in a spectral form

Spirit projection is the ability to project the mind and spirit out of the body, travelling as an invisible spectral form. When projecting, the body is left unconscious and in limbo.



Spirit projection can enable an individual to leave their body and travel as a ghost or spirit. They are visible for a short while when leaving the body but then turn invisible and intangible. The ability can be used to see spirits, gain information and communicate telepathically, as well as listening into telepathic conversations. One can also travel through a small range of time. When spirit projecting, the body is left unconscious and frozen in limbo, and therefore the ability can be used to preserve the body from harm. However, the spirit would be unable to return if the ability was blocked by an ability or an eclipse. The spirit is also physically intangible and therefore cannot physically affect the world.

Similar Abilities

  • Electronic projection is another method of mental transportation which leaves the body frozen in limbo
  • Astral projection is similar, but forms a more physically present astral form which can interact with the world
  • Free spirit can also be used to leave the body
  • Spirit summoning is the ability to summon the dead in the form of spirits

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