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Deflecting attention and vanishing from sight
Ability to:
deflect away any unwanted attention or suspicion

Stealth is the ability to act covertly very effectively, dispelling unwanted attention and suspicion.



This ability can be used in many ways. One can deflect attention whenever one wants to, effectively becoming invisible. It also helps one move quietly and quickly, lie effectively, and keep perfectly still when hiding. Additionally, it can be used to deflect attention away from certain areas, people or events. A character with this ability can also deflect any suspicion about her or him, as it forms, but she or he needs to have met a person to have this effect on them, and there also is a proximity range. Afterwards, not even an ability would pick up any deception from her or him. As a result of this, the character can also command another to do something, and they would find it very difficult to resist, since they trust her or him completely. However, the ability cannot be used against another with the ability, and gaining it would immediately negate its earlier effects. There is also a limit as to how suspiciously one can act before the ability's effects break through, and it will have no effect on those upon whom it has never been used. Repairing the damage of exposure would be much easier using stealth than it would be otherwise, but it would still be difficult.

Similar Abilities

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