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Drawing life from a boy
Ability to:
suck energy, abilities, life, information and memories from others, using one's mouth
Yummi Masahashi


Alain Cooper

Suction is the ability to withdraw information, abilities, memories or life from a person, using one's mouth.


  • Yummi Masahashi has this ability naturally.
  • Alice also possesses this ability.
  • Alain Cooper also has this ability naturally.


Yummi Masahashi

Yummi is capable of drawing out information, memories, abilities and the life of a person, by opening her mouth and sucking in what she wants to gain. However, to perform this, she needs to be close to the person and think about what she wants to gain. With this ability, Yummi can not gain the abilities of others but can remove them from the person. The memories, information and life energy are gained. Yummi needs to use her mouth to use this ability, and would therefore be unable to if somehow they were cut off from using her mouth. It has shown to slightly weaken the victims too, when not used to kill.


Alice limits are similar to Yummi's. She can withdraw information, memories and abilities from a person as well as their life. To do so, she will have to think of what she wants to drain and open her mouth to literally "suck" the desired subject she wants.

Alain Cooper

Alain can suck out energy, life, information and memories from a person. He gains all of these when he does so. He activates this ability by opening his mouth and inhaling deeply while thinking of the targetted individual. Normally, all four characteristics are sucked away, but he can also choose to remove information and memories while leaving the person alive.

Similar Abilities

  • Absorption is the ability to absorb information, memories, history, energy, abilities and life, through contact
  • Ability absorption can draw an ability from someone
  • Draining is the ability to draw abilities, energy and life from someone, through contact
  • Aura absorption can drain abilities, energy and life from someone
  • Life absorption is the ability to absorb the life out of living things
  • Life-force absorption is the ability to absorb a person's life-force
  • Parasitism can be used to draw energy from its host

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