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Leesa summoning a candle
Ability to:
make any object appear in front of oneself

Summoning is the ability to draw objects and beings to oneself, making them appear in one's hands.



Michela Grace

Michela can use her ability to summon into her hands any object which is known to her. She simply thinks of the object, and it appears in her hands in a flash of white light. However, if an organic object is summoned, it will appear badly burned. This means if she attempts to summon any plant, animal or person, the ability will kill the living thing, and she accidentally killed her pet goldfish thus. Dead organic matter will also burn in a similar manner, meaning that she cannot summon food. She currently mainly uses the ability to summon toys and books in order to entertain herself.

Debra Harding

It is unknown if Debra's limits are similar to Michela's or Anna's, or not. She is simply listed as possessing the ability.

Anna Petrelli

Anna can summon objects into her hands, and with greater effort she can also summon people and larger objects, which simply appear in her vicinity. She usually aims the ability by pointing at her target, if it is close enough, but she can also use the ability through willpower and concentration alone. When she summons something, it becomes surrounded by a glowing pale blue light before vanishing and reappearing with her.

Leesa Benedict

Leesa can summon any object to her, but finds it easier if she is familiar with that object. If not, she normally has to have the object described to her first, unless driven by great need. She can summon objects from great distances and the object's size doesn't matter either. However, she cannot summon anything living. She summons an object by thinking of it and pointing in its general direction, imagining it appearing in her hands. It will be drawn to her and will appear in white light.

Peter Petrelli

Peter has similar limits to Anna.

Abbie Gray

Abbie has similar limits to Anna.

Noah Gray

Noah too has similar limits to Anna.

Similar Abilities

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