Sylvia Tepes
Known abilities
Father- Vlad Tepes

Mother- "Green Queen"

Sylvia Tepes was the only known daughter of Vlad Tepes. She was around 500 years old before her death, and was a member of the Braşov Coven along with her dad.

In the coven, she mainly remained quiet. Secretly she wished to leave the coven, having been forced into it by her father.


Sylvia grew up within the Braşov Coven . Her mother died shortly after her birth, leaving her to be raised by her father, and she was mainly used by him to "teach vampires a lesson" via her ability. One of example of this was when her father made her merge together the bodies of Lola and Lotan Calwin. However when she unmerged them, she did so incorrectly, and it resulted in Lola being a full vampire and Lotan being a full werewolf. Sylvia was killed by Athena during the battle against the Children of the Moon and the Firelock Coven.


Being a vampire, Sylvia possessed natural skills such as enhanced strength, speed, stamina, agility and senses. She was naturally beautiful, like all vampires, and inherited some of her father's strong vampiric skills.

Special Gifts

Merging and Unmerging

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Two people merged within a single body

Sylvia possessed the gift to merge two bodies into one. It is unknown whether it was just physical beings she could merge together, or also chemical and objects. The merging process occurred when Sylvia had the two beings in front of her and held out each hand representing them. By clashing them together using her hands to symbolise the people, they became merged. To unmerge she undid the process. It is not known whether she can merge more than one being either, or if she can merge animals together. When two beings are merged together they both have to get use to controlling the body as it has some difficulty, also they are able to read each other’s thoughts. The body also had physical characteristics of both people. It is unsure how well Sylvia had control over this gift, although it could be argued that she didn't, as her unmerging result did not turn out correctly. She had stated before that her unmerging tended to be weaker than her merging, and that there were risks. It is unknown what the other risks could have possibly been.


Sylvia was a member of the Braşov Coven. Her father was the leader of the coven.


Coven Members

Physical Appearance

As a vampire she was beautiful, with brown chocolate eyes that matched her chocolate brown wild hair. She had light tender white skin and looked fragile.


The name Sylvia is latin and means "woods". Her surname Tepes means "one who impales" and could refer to the nature of her coven or even herself.

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