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A tattoo of the radioactivity symbol can induce radiation sickness
Ability to:
gain various abilities by touching tattoos on one's body

Tattoo is the ability to grant oneself various abilities by touching associated tattoos on one's body.



Harry "Stiffy" Bones

Harry has several tattoos on his body, each one associated with a particular ability. For example, he'd gain astral manipulation if he touched his star tattoo, or gain relationship manipulation if he touched one of a heart. Touching a tattoo of a person would let him shapeshift into that person, copying their abilities and personality as well as appearance. Touching a gun tattoo gives him induced aim, making it impossible for him to miss a target, while a flower tattoo will give him florakinesis and a tattoo of any animal will let him manipulate, communicate with and mimic that creature. Tattoos of wings grant him wing production, a tattoo of a map gives him clairvoyance, a tattoo of a droplet of blood gives him blood manipulation and any tattoo of any form of metal gives him magnetism. Contact with the tattoo is needed to gain the ability, and he can hold up to three at once.

Abbie Gray

Abbie cannot access this ability despite having it, since she does not and cannot have tattoos - her rapid cellular regeneration would cause any tattoo to heal away immediately.

Noah Gray

Like his sister, Noah too cannot access this ability.

Peter Petrelli

Peter too cannot access this ability despite having mimicked it.

Emma Carson

Emma can access up to four different abilities at a time by touching various tattoos on her skin. For example, touching a tattoo of a swallow gives her the ability to fly, while a tattoo of a lightning bolt surrounded by flames gives her the ability to produce both fire and electricity. Touching a tattoo of a circle of diamonds, located on her right wrist, makes her skin tough and impenetrable. A small tattoo of a karate figure gives her enhanced fighting skills. A tattoo of a bullet enhances her speed. A tattoo of a die gives her the ability to manipulate probability. She will in future give herself a tattoo of a phoenix to let herself recover from injuries and a tattoo of an eye to gain visions of both the past and the future. She can keep up to four abilities at a time, but when she touches a fifth tattoo, she automatically loses the ability she has held the longest. While captive, she has given herself several rough, jail-house tattoos in order to help her use this ability.

Similar Abilities

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