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David transforms himself

Technoforming is the ability to turn one's body into any machine or technology as well as to manipulate technology.



David Johnson

David has shown that he can use this ability skillfully and with ease. He has developed it to a level where his body can mimic certain qualities of machines as well as the machines themselves. He first manifested the ability when his arm transformed into a robotic machine and since he has been able to transform any part of his body, or all of his body, into any machine or technology he can think of. These include devices which are yet to be invented. He has been shown mimicking a robotic suit which could emit a protective forcefield, an iPod and several types of vehicles. He can also manipulate machines and technology, and his use of this ability has developed to a level where he no longer has to touch the technology in order to communicate with or manipulate it. 

Liz Jones

Liz has the same limits as David. However, she has only used her ability once, to turn her arm robotic when displaying the ability to Keitaro.

Keitaro Kiryuu

Keitaro has the same limits as David. He has used the ability to turn his arm into various machines a few times, mainly just testing it out, and has also mimicked a few cars and planes in order to travel.

Magdalena Sanchez-Hawkins

Magda is able to transform herself into any machinery or technology she can think of, simply by willing it to happen. She is also able to turn only a part of herself into a machine, and mimic technology which is far beyond the current era, or even too complex to exist otherwise, though currently she tends to mimic small objects like phones or TV remotes. She can also create small pieces of technology in her hand without transforming at all. However, unlike David, her ability doesn't extend to manipulating other machines, unless the technology she mimics can do this with interaction.

Daniel Vaughan-Reist-Greene

Since Dann absorbed this ability from Magda, his limits are similar to hers. However, he can also manipulate existing machines, since he's also absorbed technopathy.

Similar Abilities

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