Temporal Rewind

Rewinding time
Ability to:
rewind time at will

Temporal rewind is the ability to consciously rewind time.




Peyton has used this ability a few times and it seems to take a lot of energy out of her in order to rewind time. She would often pass out when using the ability at first and when developing the ability she could only rewind time for up to seconds. Peyton has to consciously choose when to rewind time and as she does so everything will rewind in front of her. By using this ability Peyton had managed to rewind time for up to 10 minutes. She could use this ability to see what moves an opponent would do in future, then be able to rewind time and counter those moves effectively.

John Mulligan

John seems to use this ability well. He is skilled in using it, and has been able to rewind time back for many years, effectively time travelling with it. However, the longer back he travels, the more energy it will take from him, and when he first manifested the ability it would cause him to collapse. The people caught up in reliving time will remember it vaguely, as a "deja vu" experience. John has also once been shown speeding time up.

Jackson Herriford

Jackson will be able to rewind time backwards and reverse this in order to return to the present, but he will not be able to manipulate time in any other way. Because of his ability acceleration, he will be able to rewind years and even decades without tiring at all, letting himself time travel. He will also be able to rewind time for others, sending them backwards in time without going himself, and will not need any contact to do so.

Sandrine Beaulieu

This ability will enable Sandrine to rewind time. She will be able to travel backwards in time for a short amount, and change events in the past in order to create a new present and future. She will only be able to bring others with her if she is touching them at that moment. Using the ability will not tire or drain her in any way. However, on each occasion she will have to use this ability consciously, and she will not be able to use it reflexively in any way.

Similar Abilities

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