Temporal Sedation
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Coming out of frozen time
Ability to:
slow down and stop time

Temporal sedation is the ability to slow down and stop time.



Ceri Petrelli

Ceri will be able to cause time to slow down and even to stop time completely, which will require more concentration. She will also at first automatically stop time when she panics, but will train herself out of this. The ability will also make her immune to being frozen in time by other time-manipulating abilities. By slowing down time, she will appear to move at greater speed.

Tamara Petrelli

Tamara will be capable of stopping time easily, with just a thought. She will always have conscious control of the ability. At first, she will only be able to freeze time, until she will one day attempt to stop time while being partially negated, and will find that she then slows time instead. After this, she will teach herself to slow time at will too. However, she will always find that stopping time is easier than slowing it. 

Similar Abilities

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