Temporal Stasis
3x1 Body Immobilization Power

Dakota stopping a group of people in time
Ability to:
stop people in time temporarily

Temporal stasis is the ability to stop a person in time.




Dakota had the ability to look at a person and freeze them in time. For her to use this ability correctly, she required direct eye contact with that person, and if eye contact was broken then she'd lose the connection and they would become unfrozen in time. Time would still move around the person and he or she would continue to age as normal, if the freezing was maintained for long enough, but the person would be completely unable to move, take action or use any abilities.

Miles Cassidy

Miles can freeze people in time simply by looking at them and targeting them. He does not need eye contact, but he must be able to see the person directly, without anything except air between them. He also cannot hold more than three people frozen simultaneously, and if he tried to freeze a fourth, the first would regain movement. When frozen, his victims cannot move, use their abilities or even think.

Similar Abilities

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