The Calwin family is the family of the married couple Jack and Tracy Calwin. They have four biological children and one adoptive son, all but one of which are gifted with abilities. The family live in New York. Jack and Tracy are both also gifted with special abilities, although Tracy's abilities are synthetic.



Calwin Home

The family live in New York, in a large mansion. The Calwin Residence is a mansion, with 4 acres of land. They have two horses, and also a tree house in the garden.

The inside of the house is large also, occupied with many rooms and guest bedrooms, and it also has a "secret room" which only Cody and Ashleigh know about. The house has many rooms, as it has three pools (one oudoor, two indoor), a library, a children's play room and also a room known as the "cushion room" (a room filled with only cushions).




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