The Castle by trid2bnrml

The Malus Castle

The Malus were a small coven used in World 4: Vampires and Wolves. They were originally world leaders and villains. Their home was in a castle in southern Germany, and the coven consisted of 2 vampires and a werewolf, served by an extensive Guard. They ruled the supernatural world before being defeated and replaced by the Firelock Coven and Goldston Wolf Pack after their corruption was exposed. Their name is Latin meaning "evil".


The Malus were known to have ruled for several centuries or even millennia. They were led by the werewolf Eldridge, despite him being a thousand years younger than the vampiric pair, and physically little more than a child. Soon after they came to power, they commanded a Guard member, Myrnn, to expose vampirism and their weaknesses in a small village, and thus begin the Hunters. They did this in order to consolidate their power, since they knew that other vampires would turn to them for guidance and protection. None knew the truth of how they betrayed them, originally. However, this truth was discovered by Jackson Goldston, and he showed it to his daughter, Bea. She then revealed it to her pack and to the Firelock Coven, who chose to challenge the Malus over it. They attacked, and defeated and deposed the Malus. Delphia lost her ability in the battle, as it was deleted by Seth Grey. The 3 members escaped alive, but fled.

The Malus then remained in hiding for several years, secretly rebuilding their strength. Eventually, they began organising several small attacks against the Firelock Coven. The source behind these attacks was detected, and the coven located them and attacked them for the second time. The Malus were all killed in this second battle.



  • Eldridge Malus

Other Members

  • Delphia Malus
  • Theron Malus

Known Guard Members

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