The New Company's base in World 8

The New Company is a company founded to replace the old Primatech Company, after the hunting of evolved humans. It is funded and overseen by the American Government.


In each world, the original purpose of the New Company was to find and help evolved humans, as well as dealing with any dangerous ones. In World 1 and World 8, it has to date stuck to this purpose. However, in World 2, it was corrupted and returned to the bag-and-tag policy of Primatech. In this world it was eventually ceased, when this was discovered, and replaced by The Organisation.

Known Members

World 1

None of the founders of the New Company have been named in World 1, but it is assumed that they would be the same as in canon. Agents include Eden McCain, David Johnson, Lyle Brand, Stephan Towley and Eoin Connell.

World 2

No founders or agents were named in World 2. It is assumed they were the same as in canon.

World 8

In World 8, the New Company was founded and is run by Hiro Nakamura, Robert Max and Joshua Evans. Agents include Naomi Goldsmith, Leo Castern and Rhia Jones



The New Company's base in W1

In World 1, their main base is located in Washington DC, as it also was in World 2 before its demise. In World 8, it is located in New York City. In all of these worlds, the company has several more bases located throughout America.

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