The Resistance was a loosely organised collection of evolved humans in World 3: Renegade who were fighting back against the imprisonment and oppression of their kind by the government during the explosion timeline. It was organised into cells, each cell with its own leader. However, due to severe losses, the surviving Resistance members at last elected a collective leader: Elan Vaughan-Reist-Greene-Maxxted. The Resistance only existed during the explosion timeline.


The Resistance cells had their own missions. Most of these involved raids on prison complexes and transfer vans, but they also raided government facilities when they could, to gain information. They used this information to warn prospective targets and to help them hide, and occasionally used their abilities to prevent certain government measures from being passed, such as one that would have legalised the extermination of every evolved human caught. A final, disasterous raid was the one on Yellowgate Prison Complex, a desperate attempt to free captured previous members, which ultimately failed, and led to so many losses that the survivors chose to elect a collective leader. The last known raid was on the new Homeland Security building, another failure, in which only one member at all escaped alive.


Each cell had its own leader and was independant, with the leader reporting to a higher leader. Only the leader knew how to contact the other cell members, and each cell knew little of the other cells. Only one cell has been revealed in detail: Elan's cell.

Elan's Cell

Elan's cell had altered and varied during the time she was a member. By the end, it contained:

Previous members included:

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