Trace Shifting
Trace Shifting

Jason changing his retinal pattern
Ability to:
alter the small feature which make oneself recognisable and traceable

Trace shifting is the ability to shapeshift slightly in order to alter the features which make someone recognisable and traceable.



The ability can be used to change small details such as fingerprints or footprints, or enough of the DNA to make genetic testing fail. Retinal, iris and dental patterns can be changed, as can the voice through altering the vocal cords. Blood types and tissue types can also be altered. The ability can thus be used to prevent detection and recognition, or to pass as another and get past biometric security measures. Only the trace of the character with the ability can be changed, not those of others. It is possible to change one's traces to mimic another person, produce completely new traces which no one else possesses, or even make oneself have no traces at all. By mimicking the traces of others, one can also analyse and compare these traces, which is how Lucia discovered that Jamie Petrelli was not in fact genetically her cousin.

Similar Abilities

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