Tracy Strauss
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Known abilities
Father - Mr. Strauss

Mother - Mrs. Strauss

Partner - Jack Calwin

Daughter - Elle Calwin

Tracy Strauss is an evolved human who lives with Jack Calwin in his New York apartment. She was caught by the government in the explosion timeline, and imprisoned for possessing abilities. She is currently learning how to use these abilities and what to do with them.


Tracy was adopted as an infant and was brought up in a respected neighbourhood in California. When she discovered her ability, she realised that she can be dangerous, as she nearly froze a pet parrot of her friend's. She ran away from the state and went to New York.

Tracy met Jack Calwin, another who possessed abilities and who also had been adopted. She dated Jack for a few months, then was believed to have been killed in the explosion. In reality she'd reflexively mimicked water as the blast had struck her, and had been captured by government agents and imprisoned. Jack mourned her for years, but eventually realised she was alive and a captive, and rescued her. She then hid with Jack for the remaining years, until they both helped Elan Vaughan-Reist-Greene-Maxxted, Danny Maxxted and Daniel Vaughan-Reist-Greene to reverse time. Tracy was pregnant at the time, and gave birth to their daughter Elle in the new timeline.

Evolved Human Abilities



Freezing a rose

Tracys ability first developed as the ability to freeze objects, usually needing touch in order to freeze them, but however she has been able to occasionally let off ice from her body and freeze a room or area in the process. She is also able to create icicles in her palm and launch them at people. Her ability doesn't necessarily require the presence of water, but this does seem to make its use easier. She is usually not affected by her own ability, not even cooled, but she found that her cold snap trapped herself in ice, and later turned herself completely into ice. Since her ice form melted and reformed, she has found that her ability seems to have advanced. She can now produce and control water, mimic water and will reflexively do so if hurt and also sometimes for emotional triggers. It could be that her ability is in reality full manipulation of water, and she simply manifested the aspect of manipulating its solid state first.


Tracy is an English name which means "Thracius' place", and also a Gaelic name which means "warlike, fierce". Her surname is German and means "fight". This may refer to how she has had to be warlike and fierce and had to fight to cope with the changes in her life, such her abilities and being persecuted and imprisoned