Focusing in order to trail someone
Ability to:
sense a person's previous locations and use this to find them

Trailing is the ability to sense the locations an individual has been in the past, and use this information to infer the present location. It is a variant of clairvoyance.



The use of this ability requires either a name, a photograph or one's own memory of the person one is trying to locate. Then, if one focuses on this, one's mind will be flooded by that person's previous locations. One can sense location up to an hour before the current time, and can use this to infer a present location. The ability cannot locate the dead, even if the person died within an hour, but the lack of information could be used to realise that someone had died. However, when augmented one can see locations closer to the current time, and can also force a blurred vision of the individual's death if searching for a recently deceased person.

Similar Abilities

  • Clairvoyance is the ability to detect an individual's present location
  • Sensing can be used to sense the location of people
  • Precognitive instincts can also be used to locate others
  • Detection has been shown detecting a person's location
  • Flashing can flash a person's location from a photo of them
  • Location detection can find the location of a person, place or object
  • Astral trailing is the ability to project one's astral body to the past, in order to see where and when an individial was
  • Aura tracking is the ability to track a person by their aura trail

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