Truth Activation
Forced to speak

Trying to prevent oneself from telling the truth could cause a nosebleed
Ability to:
force others to tell the truth
Tamsin MacKenzie

Anika Sato

Katie Greene (via intuitive aptitude)

Gabriel Petrelli

Truth activation is the ability to force a person say the truth either mentally or verbally.


  • Tamsin MacKenzie has this ability naturally.
  • Anika Sato will have this ability naturally.
  • Katie Greene will take this ability from Anika.
  • Gabriel Petrelli will have this ability naturally.


Tamsin MacKenzie

Tamsin's ability makes it impossible for any to lie in her presence. An individual can chose to simply say nothing, but if they try to lie they will find themselves forced to speak the truth instead. There doesn't seem to be any way to even try to resist it. The ability is automatic in her case.

Anika Sato

When Anika wills it, she will be able to force others to speak the truth. The effect will be either to simply make lying impossible, or to even force them to speak while attempting to remain silent, depending on the strength of the ability's use.

Katie Greene

Since Katie will take this ability from Anika, she will have the same limits, and will either be able to make it impossible for others to lie or will force the truth out of them, depending upon her own choice when activating the ability.

Gabriel Petrelli

When Gabriel manifests this ability, he will at first force everyone around him to speak the truth all the time, without even being aware of it. However, he will learn to control it soon after he manifests self-control, and he will learn to activate and deactivate it consciously. He will also learn how to force some people to speak the truth while leaving others free to lie. These people will be able to choice to remain silent, but if they try to speak a lie, they would find themselves unable to voice the words. People would still be able to lie in writing to him.

Similar Abilities

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