Underwater Breathing
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Alex breathes underwater
Ability to:
breathe underwater
Alex Woolsly

Annabelle Cooper

Underwater breathing is the ability to breathe underwater.


  • Alex Woolsly has this ability naturally.
  • Annabelle Cooper possessed this ability naturally.


Alex Woolsly

Alex had always been skilled at swimming, being a member of the swim team when he was at school, and he swam often. One day, he simply released that he was no longer having to return to the surface to breathe. He compares the ability to being "like a fish" even though no visible gills appear on him, and he doesn't seem to feel any developing either. He can also transfer the air he generates orally to another person.

Annabelle Cooper

Annabelle was capable of breathing underwater in both freshwater and the sea. She did not develop gills but her lungs generated a continuous supply of fresh renewed air. The ability did not improve her capacity to stay underwater in any other manner. She did have to learn to swim after manifesting.

Similar Abilities

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