Vampire Control

Vlad could force a vampire to feel angry
Ability to:
manipulate all vampires

Vampire control is the ability to control all types of vampires, in various ways.


  • Vlad Tepes was the only person with this ability.


Vlad seemed to be able to control vampires with ease. He was able to control a vampire's movements as if they were puppets, and would often call them this. He was able to command vampires to do his bidding. He had demonstrated that he was able to control beings that are half-vampire too. It has also been seen that he could control both types of vampire as well as hybrids, and that he could make hybrids into only one type. It is also known that Vlad could provoke vampires into feeling a certain way, however it is doubtful that he could control their emotions entirely. It is not known how many vampires Vlad could control at once. He also seemed able to detect what type of vampire a person was and if they possessed any special ablities or not. As well, he was immune to the effects of all vampire abilities, with the exception of ability immunity.

Similar Abilities

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