Vibhu as a child

Vibhu Sunda Suresh is a character used by Pippy in World 2. He is the eldest son of Mira and Mohinder Suresh, and is 6 years old. His abilities are Cloning, Contortion and Audiokinesis.



Vibhu as an adult

Due to his ability of Contortion, Vibhu could take on any appearance. However, naturally he is a small Indian child who looks young for his age, with feathery medium brown hair, and dark eyes. His hair will darken in future, and he will appear very similar to his father.


Vibhu is very nice, but can seem shy at first, unlike his siblings. He can easily change his personality and act differently, effectively enough to convince others that he's someone else, while using Contortion to change his appearance too.


Tumblr nsmy8nxemd1rd3mfdo4 400

A woman cloning herself

Vibhu's first ability is Cloning. He can use this ability to replicate himself an infinite amount of times, and each clone is fully independent. He can also change the appearance of each clone, using Contortion.

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Contorting his face

His second ability is Contortion. He can use this to change his own appearance and form, shapeshifting into another, altering his appearance, changing his body's shape or stretching or elongating it. He can use this ability on any of his clones, easily.

250px-Spoiler Going Postal ability2

Manipulating a man's voice

His last ability is Audiokinesis, the ability to manipulate voices. He can change his own voice or the voices of others, and can mimic voices, accents and tones perfectly, as well as summoning ones he is yet to hear. This ability was responsible for him speaking his first sentence when he was a week old.


Brief History

Like his siblings, Vibhu was born and raised in India, until he was 4 years old. He manifested shortly after birth. He too is attending the Gifted Academy.

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