Vision Manipulation

Giving a woman a vision of her future
Ability to:
give oneself and others visions

Vision manipulation is the ability to give oneself and others visions.



Jackson Goldston

Jackson can consciously choose to give himself visions of the future, but visions can also be accidentally triggered by touching an object with a definite future. He is also able to give visions to other people, normally of past events or memories, but he can also give another a vision of the future, it is just be more exhausting for him. Physical contact is needed to give another a vision. He has been shown using this ability to give his daughter a vision of how the Malus had betrayed vampires by causing the formation of the Hunters, and he is also known to use the ability to give himself warnings of loved ones' deaths, in order to try to interfere and save them. When Bea saw the vision, she experienced it as if she was watching from the sidelines and it was so vivid she briefly wondered if he'd sent her back in time.

Taylor Maitland

Taylor will be able to perceive visions of the future which will normally be triggered by touch. He will usually experience a vision when he is in contact with a person or object which will appear in the vision. He will not be able to block them. The visions will overtake his senses completely, leaving him temporarily unaware of his real surroundings, and thus making him potentially vulnerable as well as noticeable. He will be able to show the visions he receives to others. This will require physical contact throughout the length of the vision. With greater concentration, he will also be able to summon visions for others, at will, which he has not yet seen himself. However, he will see the visions as the other person does.

Similar Abilities

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