Diana to the rescue

Using a voodoo doll
Ability to:
use a doll of a person to inflict pain and injury
Female Villain

Voodoo is the ability to use a doll of a person to inflict physical pain and injury.


  • A female villain in World 1 had this ability.


This woman could make a doll of any person after she'd seen them once, and use her ability to charge the doll so that voodoo could be performed upon it. The doll only needed to have a general likeness to the victim. It wasn't neccessary to have some of the person's DNA attached to the doll, but this made it stronger. She was seen using this to break a victim's limbs, hack cuts into them and cause them intense pain. The damage caused could be lessened with force of will, enabling the victim to survive what would otherwise be fatal. It could also be healed and blocked by human manipulation. The ability would not work without a doll.

Similar Abilities

  • Witchcraft is the Wiccan-based ability to cast spells and create potions
  • Psychic energy manipulation can perform a form of voodoo, creating a shield which reflects all physical harm back to the causer

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