Vulnerability Linked Power Absorption

Absorbing abilities from a dying man
Ability to:
take the abilities of others via contact when the abilities are vulnerable

Vulnerability linked power absorption is the ability to steal the ability or abilities of others via physical contact, when the ability is vulnerable. 



Elan Vaughan-Reist-Greene-Maxxted

Although this is her core ability, Elan has little or no control over it, and on some level she hates it. The majority of the abilities she has taken were by accident, and she still does not understand fully how it works. She can absorb abilities if the individual who possesses them doesn't want them, feels that they do not deserve the abilities, is dying or, although not yet physically dying, will die within an hour. However, the only circumstance Elan is aware is taking abilities from the dying. She assumes that the stranger she took telepathy from had a fatal illness when in reality he disliked the ability and what it had already revealed to him. In the explosion timeline, she had the ability blocked so that she could not take any more abilities but could still access the ones she already had. However, this block became ineffective when time was altered, and she was unable to find that particular evolved human to re-block it. She later began wearing gloves so as to lessen the risk of accidentally absorbing an ability. On some occasions, she experiences a strong desire to take abilities, almost a hunger, which is stronger when exposed to a particularly powerful or useful ability. She found she could fight this if she made herself genuinely care for the person with the ability. When she absorbs an ability, it shows as a faint glowing light, and she feels a rush of energy while her victim feels weakened and drained.

Peter Petrelli

Peter has not yet displayed this ability at all. He deleted it in the explosion timeline, and is unaware that he possesses it in the current timeline. He has not yet experienced any circumstances where he would absorb an ability.

Daniel Vaughan-Reist-Greene

Daniel has a little more control over this ability than Elan. He seems to realise the circumstances in which contact would activate it, and evades these. He also has not shown the desire to take any. He could potentially block or delete this ability using ability negativity, but hasn't yet thought of doing so.

Similar Abilities

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