Water Mimicry
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Elisa turns into water
Ability to:
turn into water
The "Liquid Man"


Donald Essex

Hayate Nakamura

Water mimicry is the ability to turn oneself into water.


  • The "liquid man" had this ability.
  • Elisa also possesses this power.
  • Donald Essex has this ability.
  • Hayate Nakamura will possess this ability naturally.


The ability allows these individuals to turn into water, both by conscious choice and reflexively when threatened. The characters can travel in their watery form and can also reform from water. It has been shown that their clothes can be reformed from water as well, and that the ability will keep them alive in dangerous situations like being run over by a car or being attacked. When this happens, the body automatically turns to water, and reforms with no injury left behind.

Similar Abilities

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