A were-elephant in elephant form

Were-elephants are humans with the capability of changing into elephants. They are a subspecies of werecreatures.


Becoming a were-elephant is genetic, and must be inherited from at least one parent or direct relative. The change into a were-elephant occurs when they are fully grown, normally, and when something has angered them. A werewolf gene may be more potent than a were-elephant gene, since Lewis Smith and Bea Goldston's children are all werewolves and not were-elephants, but this may be due to the fact that their mother is an Alpha.


Were-Elephants have two forms, and in one they look like normal humans, although most are exceptionally tall and well built, similarly to werewolves. They will continue to age, even while they are changing into their elephant form.

In their elephant form, they are very tall, standing normally around 7 to 8 ft tall, and resemble normal elephants, with big and powerful tusks.

Were-Elephant Gifts

While were-elephants also have naturally enhanced speed, their biggest enhancement is their strength, as they have about double the strength of a normal elephant, and even though they will continue to age, they will heal when injured, but it is strange that something is powerful enough to pierce the elephant's skin. Were-elephants are rare, and do not have packs or any other group forms, but they are naturally quite immune to drugs and alcohol, due to their sheer size.

Known Were-Elephants

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