World 3: Renegade is currently set in a timeline after the explosion was foiled. The world previously involved the explosion having occurred, before time was reversed and altered, and most characters have memories of this altered timeline. They are now adapting to a new, free and peaceful life without being hunted, though some have learned of the Company and have began to combat it. Some have currently infiltrated it. The Shanti virus was briefly released but was successfully neutralised.

Characters in this world can either have 4 separate abilities, including at least one precognitive one, or a multiple ability.



Peter near exploding

This is the third arc in this world. The first arc, titled How To Stop An Exploding Man, involved the characters manifesting and meeting each other, and attempting to prevent the explosion, ultimately failing. The second, titled Renegade, involved the characters being hunted for 5 years due to their abilities, and attempting to fight back, before they travelled back in time to stop the explosion. The third arc is currently untitled.


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