Yin/Yang Manipulation
600px-Yin and Yang.svg

The ying/yang symbol
Ability to:
manipulate the balance of positive and negative characteristics within a person, and emit related energy

Yin and yang manipulation is the ability to manipulate the balance of positive characteristics (yin) and negative characteristics (yang) within another, as well as emitting related energy.



Rajan Firelock-Reddan

Rajan has been skilled at manipulating others with this ability from a young age. He can easily alter their emotions and motivations, causing joy and pacifism, or despair and discord, and can help a person control their ability by manipulating away conflicting emotions which could cause them to lose control. He can also occasionally emit yang energy which is offensive, and yin energy which is protective and limitedly healing. When he first used the ability, his effects were accompanied by a glowing white light, but he later learned to prevent this because of its conspicuousness.

Kathie Petrelli-Parkman

Kathie's ability will enable her to manipulate yin and yang energy. By doing this, she could alter a person's mood, characteristics and personality. Manipulating yin could increase happiness and make a person more positive and easier to get along with. Manipulating yang will cause friction, argumentativeness, anger and fear. She could also release short bursts of yin and yang energy. The yang energy will be offensive, harming anyone it touches, while the yin energy will resemble a form of protective forcefield.

Similar Abilities

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