Zodiac picture images

The signs of the zodiac
Ability to:
gain different abilities suitable for each sign of the zodiac

Zodiac is the ability to gain abilities suitable for whatever sign the zodiac is in, which then alter when a new sign is entered.


  • "Zodiac" has this ability naturally.
  • Sheridan Petrelli will also have this ability naturally.



"Zodiac" gains 3 abilities in each sign of the zodiac. The abilities will always change when the sign changes. They also always fit the sign, e.g in Aquarius, he gains hydrokinesis, cryokinesis and atmokinesis. His nickname is obviously derived from this ability.

Sheridan Petrelli

Sheridan only gains one ability for each sign. However, similarly to "Zodiac", he cannot prevent himself from switching ability whenever the astrological sign changes, and the ability always matches the sign he is currently in. Examples would be gaining hydrokinesis in Aquarius, induced aim in Sagittarius and replication in Gemini.

Similar Abilities

  • Tattoo can gain different abilities from different tattoos on the character's body
  • Musical empathy can gain different abilities from different genres of music
  • Ability creation can be used to give oneself any ability
  • Ability shifting can be used to change abilities
  • Echoing can be used to alter abilities depending on what abilities the people nearby possess
  • Ability echoing is the ability to temporarily gain an ability which has recently been used nearby

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